These transcriptions have been kindly donated to this site by David Longstaff


Dwelling/ Surname/ Forename /Relationto head/ Age/ Occupation/ Where born

Winn John Head M 47 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Winn Margaret Wife M 45 Yorks, Garsdale
Winn Rose Jane Dau S 19 Yorks, Garsdale
Winn Thomas A. Son 8 Yorks, Garsdale
Winn John R. Son 4 Yorks, Garsdale
Winn Alick W. Son 8mo Yorks, Garsdale
Winn Rowland Visitor 8 Yorks, Garsdale

Harper Mary Head M 39 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Harper Rowland Son S 16 Lancs, Liverpool
Harper Matthew Son 13 Lancs, Liverpool
Harper Thomas Son 10 Lancs, Liverpool
Harper Richard Son 7 Yorks, Garsdale

Hive Cottage
Haygarth Richard Head M 68 Stone quarry lab. Yorks, Garsdale
Haygarth Fanny Wife M 67 Yorks, Garsdale
Haygarth Ann Dau S 30 Dressmaker Yorks, Garsdale

West Paradise
Blades Thomas Head S 53 Living on own means Westmoreland, Barbon
Blades Jane Sister S 52 Living on own means Westmoreland, Barbon

East Paradise
Thwaite William Head Widr 29 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Thwaite Mary Dau 8 Yorks, Garsdale
Thwaite Hannah Dau 6 Yorks, Garsdale
Holme Mary Mother in law Wid 70 Yorks, Garsdale
Winn Isabella Serv S 18 Gen Serv and domestic Yorks, Garsdale

Bens Bridge
Baines Robert Head M 61 Sexton and gardener Westmoreland, Warcop
Baines Margaret Wife M 58 Westmoreland, Orton

West Coat Weggs
Harper Marmaduke Head M 28 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Harper Isabella Wife M 35 Yorks, Garsdale

Handley Richard Head M 28 Stonemason Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Mary Wife M 28 Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Richard A. Son 5 Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Elizabeth A. Dau 3 Yorks, Garsdale

Metcalfe James Head M 21 Stonemason Yorks, Garsdale
Metcalfe Mary Wife M 24 Yorks, Hawes
Metcalfe William Son 1mo Yorks, Garsdale
Metcalfe John Visitor S 19 Yorks, Garsdale
Metcalfe Elizabeth Visitor M 20 Yorks, Hawes

East Coat Weggs
Atkinson Richard Head M 56 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Atkinson Betsy Wife M 66 Yorks, Garsdale
Atkinson Rose Dau S 23 Yorks, Garsdale

West Scarr House
Wilkinson Michael W. Son S 25 Yorks, Garsdale
Wilkinson Rose J. Dau S 17 Yorks, Garsdale
Wilkinson James Visitor S 56 General lab. Yorks, Garsdale

Low Scar
Willan Thomas Head Widr 74 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Willan Margaret Dau S 38 Servant on a visit Yorks, Sedbergh
Willan John Son S 27 Yorks, Sedbergh
Willan Elizabeth Grand Dau S 24 Yorks, Sedbergh
Lord Annie Grand Dau S 16 Yorks, Sedbergh
Lord Thomas J. Grand Son 11 Yorks, Dent

Cock and Guns
Blades Richard Head M 79 Yorks, Aysgarth
Blades Margaret Wife M 80 Yorks, Hawes

Handley John Head M 41 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Betsy Wife M 38 Yorks, Garsdale
Harper Betsy Ellen Handley Dau 6 Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Thomas Son 3 Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Mary Margaret Dau 1 Yorks, Garsdale

Low Scale
Pratt William Head M 58 Farmer Yorks, Hawes
Pratt Richard Bell Son S 23 Yorks, Garsdale
Pratt Mathew Slinger Son S 21 Yorks, Garsdale
Pratt John James Son S 19 Yorks, Garsdale
Dinsdale Betsy Serv S 25 Servant domestic Yorks, Garsdale

Far End
Dinsdale James Richard Head M 38 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Dinsdale Agnes Alice Wife M 36 Yorks, Garsdale
Dinsdale Thomas Handley Son 5 Yorks, Garsdale
Dinsdale George William Son 2 Yorks, Garsdale

Junction Inn
Milner Thomas Head M 38 Engine cleaner Yorks, Arkengarthdale
N.E. Railway
Milner Sarah Wife M 29 Westmoreland, Mallerstang
Milner Mary Ann Dau 9 Yorks, Hawes
Milner Emily Dau 7 Yorks, Hawes
Milner William Mark Son 6 Yorks, Hawes
Milner James Henry Son 4 Yorks, Hawes
Milner Margaret Jane Dau 2 Yorks, Garsdale
Milner Thomas Warren Son 11mo Yorks, Garsdale

Clough Farm
Dinsdale William Head M 61 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Dinsdale Sarah Wife M 66 Yorks, Garsdale

Clough Cottage
Allen Marmaduke Head M 26 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Allen Isabella Annie Wife M 23 Yorks, Cautley

2 Clough Cottage
Hodgson John Head M 37 Road repairer Yorks, Garsdale
Hodgson Isabella Ann Wife M 38 Westmoreland, Mallerstang
Hodgson William Father Widr 80 Yorks, Garsdale

Far House
Harper John Head M 58 Farmer Yorks, Sedbergh
Harper Mary Wife M 55 Yorks, Sedbergh
Harper Michael Son S 18 Yorks, Sedbergh
Harper Miles Son S 15 Yorks, Sedbergh
Harper Mary Emma Dau S 13 Yorks, Sedbergh

Low Moor
Haygarth Matthew Head M 49 Farmers rate collector Yorks, Garsdale
Haygarth Mary Wife M 50 Yorks, Sedbergh
Haygarth Henry Harper Son S 15 Yorks, Garsdale

Mouse Syke
Harper Thomas Head M 35 Farmer Yorks, Sedbergh
Harper Isabella Wife M 25 Yorks, Sedbergh
Harper Mary E. Dau 9mo Yorks, Sedbergh

Harper Henry Joint head S 38 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Wilkinson Michael Joint head S 34 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale

Akrigg James Head M 22 Farmer Yorks, Swaledale
Akrigg Mary Wife M 25 Yorks, Grisedale
Akrigg Benjamin Son 1 Yorks, Grisedale

Moor Rigg
Cowper James Head S 30 Farmer Yorks, Grisedale
Cowper Rowland Father M 61 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Cowper Mary Mother M 61 Westmoreland, Mallerstang
Cowper Ann Sister S 22 Yorks, Grisedale

East Houses
Allen James Head M 57 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Allen Mary Wife M 61 Yorks, Garsdale
Allen Mary Margaret Dau S 18 Yorks, Garsdale

Fea Faw
Lund James Allen Head M 59 Farmer Yorks, Grisedale
Lund Jane Wife M 46 Westmoreland, Orton
Lund Dorothy Dau S 19 Yorks, Grisedale
Lund Margaret Alice Dau 9 Yorks, Grisedale
Lund John Son 6 Yorks, Grisedale
Lund Charlotte Dau 3 Yorks, Grisedale
Lund Samuel Grandson 1 Yorks, Dent
Dent William Serv 16 Farm lab. Yorks, Cautley

Lund William Head M 25 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Lund Mary Wife M 24 Yorks, Garsdale

Round Ing
Throupe William Head Widr 62 Farmer Yorks, Fewston
Beck Sarah H'keeper 44 Westmoreland, Ravenstonedale

Pry Hill
Lodge Robert Head M 42 Farmer Yorks, Hawes
Lodge Elizabeth Wife M 38 Yorks, Hawes
Lodge Thomas Son 11 Yorks, Hawes
Lodge Simon D. Son 8 Yorks, Hawes
Lodge Mary E. Dau 4 Yorks, Hawes
Holmes Jane Aunt W 71 Yorks, Hawes
Calvert Jeffrey Visitor Widr 75 Farmer Yorks, Hawes

No1 Cottage, Street
Lund Mary E. Head W 43 Yorks, Garsdale
Lund Thomas W. Son S 16 General lab. Yorks, Garsdale
Lund Sarah D. Dau 13 Yorks, Garsdale
Lund Mary M. Dau 12 Yorks, Garsdale

No2 Cottage, Street
Allen John A. Head M 40 Joiner and wheelwright Yorks, Garsdale
Allen Hannah Wife M 34 Westmoreland, Stainmoor
Allen Elizabeth A. Dau 12 Yorks, Garsdale
Allen Alfred Son 10 Yorks, Garsdale
Allen Joshua Son 8 Yorks, Garsdale
Allen Edna M. Dau 5 Yorks, Garsdale
Allen Thomas C. Son 1 Yorks, Garsdale

Wood End
Dinsdale George Head M 41 Stonemason and Yorks, Garsdale
Dinsdale Barbara Wife M 36 Yorks, Garsdale

West Pinfold
Davis Nathan Head M 64 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Davis Rose Wife M 64 Yorks, Garsdale

Punshon Janet Wife M 54 Yorks, Garsdale
Kayley Janet Dau S 22 Lancs, Liverpool
Kayley Edith Visitor 3 Yorks, Garsdale

East Pinfold House
Inman Mary Head W 61 Registrar Births Yorks, Garsdale
and Deaths

W.R. Constabulary
Crowther David H. Head M 39 Police constable Yorks, Huddersfield
Crowther Fanny Wife M 48 Yorks, Doncaster

Peacock Thomas Head M 57 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Peacock Jane Wife M 48 Yorks, Garsdale
Peacock Robert Son S 18 Yorks, Garsdale
Peacock Mary A. Dau S 22 Yorks, Garsdale
Peacock Elizabeth Dau S 16 Yorks, Garsdale

West Little Town
Harper Richard Head S 34 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Harper Ann Mother W 74 Yorks, Garsdale
Holmes Nancy Neice S 23 Lancs, Liverpool

East Little Town
Harper Rowland Head M 30 Farmer Yorks, Grisedale
Harper Jane Wife M 36 Yorks, Garsdale
Winn Betsy J. Dau S 16 Yorks, Garsdale
Harper Elizabeth Dau 10 Yorks, Garsdale
Harper Margaret Dau 8 Yorks, Garsdale
Harper Mary Dau 7 Yorks, Garsdale

Cameron William R. Head M 29 Farmer Yorks, Chapledale
Cameron Bella Wife M 26 Scotland
Cameron Jane Dau 3 Yorks, Garsdale
Cameron Betsy Dau 1 Yorks, Garsdale

Handley Richard Head M 51 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Agnes Wife M 50 Yorks, Garsdale
Handley William Son S 20 Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Mary Dau S 14 Yorks, Garsdale
Handley John Son 12 Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Margaret A. Dau 5 Yorks, Garsdale

Metcalfe John Head M 44 Farmer and Stonemason Yorks, Deepdale
Metcalfe Agnes Wife M 42 Yorks, Snaizeholme
Metcalfe William Son S 23 Stone mason Yorks, Snaizeholme
Metcalfe Richard C. Son 8 Yorks, Garsdale

High Scale
Peacock James Head M 27 Farmer Yorks, Cotterdale
Peacock Agnes A. Wife M 30 Yorks, Garsdale

Moorland View
Harper William H. Head M 25 Grocer provision Yorks, Garsdale
Harper Jane Wife M 26 Yorks, Dent
Harper William R. Son 1 Yorks, Garsdale

Midland Railway Cottage
Brown James Head M 43 Railway lab. Yorks, Kettlewell
Brown Jane Wife M 41 Canada, British
Brown Elizabeth Dau S 14 Yorks, Garsdale

2 Midland Railway Cottage
Angus James J. Head M 53 Railway signalman Ireland
Angus Mary Wife M 49 Scotland
Angus Albert Son S 15 Yorks, Horton in Ribblesdale
Angus Arthur Son 12 Yorks, Horton in Ribblesdale
Angus Clarence Son 10 Yorks, Horton in Ribblesdale

3 Midland Railway Cottage
Blades John Head M 45 Railway labourer Yorks, Aysgarth
Blades Violet A. Wife M 44 Scotland
Blades Betsy J. Dau 10 Yorks, Garsdale

4 Midland Railway Cottage
Raw Joseph Head M 36 Railway plate layer Lancs, Liverpool
Raw Jane Wife M 38 Yorks, Garsdale
Raw John C. Son 6 Yorks, Garsdale
Raw William H. Son 5 Yorks, Garsdale

5 Midland Railway Cottage
Simpson John Head M 42 Railway signalman Westmoreland, Winton
Simpson Mary Wife M 42 Yorks, Sedbergh
Simpson Mary Dau S 20 Yorks, Lunds
Simpson George S. Son 12 Yorks, Garsdale
Simpson Elizabeth Dau 5 Yorks, Bedale
Blades Elizabeth Neice 5 Yorks, Garsdale

6 Midland Railway Cottage
Fothergill John Head M 37 Railway ganger Yorks, Sedbergh
plate layer
Fothergill Mary J. Wife M 33 Yorks, Garsdale
Fothergill Simon Son 13 Yorks, Garsdale
Fothergill Mary A. Dau 12 Yorks, Garsdale
Fothergill Richard Son 7 Yorks, Garsdale

7 Midland Railway Cottage
Sutton Alfred Head M 37 Railway signalman Warwickshire, Welford
Sutton Maud Wife M 34 Cambridgshire, Chesterton
Sutton Albert Son 11 Cumberland, Longwathby
Sutton Alfred Son 8 Yorks, Garsdale
Moule Elizabeth Visitor M 24 Cambridgshire, Cambridge
Faulkner Charles Boarder S 29 Railway signalman Bedfordshire, Bedford
Pybus John Boarder S 20 Railway fireman Yorks, Barton

8 Midland Railway Cottage
Bunce William H. Head M 49 Railway stationmaster Hampshire, Hursley
Bunce Ellen Wife M 46 Derbyshire, Holmsfield
Bunce Emily A. Dau S 19 Rutland, Ashwell
Bennett Samuel Father in law Widr 86 Ret Ag. Lab. Derbyshire, Holmsfield

9 Midland Railway Cottage
Hadland William S. Head M 28 Railway porter Warwickshire, Ailstone
Hadland Celia Charlotte Wife M 27 Gloucs, Coutoneybourne
Hadland Albert G. Son 3 Warwichshire, Ailstone
Hadland Christy A. Dau 3mo Yorks, Garsdale
Jennings Cuthbert Boarder S 17 Railway porter Westmoreland, Bolton

10 Midland Railway Cottage
Handley John Head M 43 Railway platelayer Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Dorothy Wife M 37 Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Richard Son S 17 Rural postman Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Mary Dau 12 Yorks, Garsdale
Handley William Son 8 Yorks, Garsdale
Handley John Son 4 Yorks, Garsdale

11 Midland Railway Cottage
Taylor James Head M 46 Railway engine driver Westmoreland, Longmarton
Taylor Mary Wife M 44 Westmoreland, Longmarton
Taylor James B. Son 7 Durham, Barnard Castle

12 Midland Railway Cottage
Thompson Christopher Head Widr 50 Railway lab. Westmoreland, Ceosby Garret
Thompson Esther Dau S 23 Yorks, Grisedale
Thompson Mary A. Dau 13 Yorks, Garsdale
Thompson Sarah Dau Son 8 Yorks, Garsdale
Thompson Isabella Dau 5 Yorks, Garsdale

13 Midland Railway Cottage
Alton Reuben Head M 76 Grocer and Yorks, High Abbotside
coal merchant
Alton Lydia Dau S 17 Grocer and Yorks, Garsdale
coal merchant
Thistlethwaite Thomas Boarder S 28 Railway guard Yorks, Wensley

14 Midland Railway Cottage
Boston Landle Head M 37 Railway guard Yorks, Milford
Boston Grace A. Wife M 35 Hunts, Luddington
Boston Percy Son 10 Yorks, Milford

15 Midland Railway Cottage
Rutherford Simpson Head M 51 Railway engine driver Durham, Cowton
Rutherford Jane Wife M 51 Durham, Darlington
Rutherford Hellen Dau S 19 Durham, Darlington
Rutherford Pearson Son S 15 Durham, Darlington
Rutherford Amelia Dau 12 Durham, Darlington
Stokeo Benjamin Lodger S 21 Railway foreman Durham, Darlington

16 Midland Railway Cottage
Benson Andrew C. Head M 47 Railway platelayer Yorks, Malham
Benson Ann Wife M 43 Yorks, Stainforth

West Mudbecks
Thwaite Richard Head M 40 Farmer Yorks, Sedbergh
Thwaite Margaret Wife M 41 Yorks, Sedbergh
Thwaite Harold Son 6 Yorks, Sedbergh
Thwaite Lily Dau 5 Yorks, Sedbergh

East Mudbecks
Atkinson Miles Head M 57 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Atkinson Ann Wife M 55 Yorks, Garsdale
Atkinson Miles Son S 31 Yorks, Garsdale
Atkinson John Son S 22 Railway lab. Yorks, Garsdale

Peacock Thomas Head M 39 Farmer Yorks, Muker
Peacock Mary Wife M 35 Yorks, Muker
Peacock Mary H. Dau 6 Yorks, Muker
Peacock John Son 3 Yorks, Muker
Peacock Leonard Son 1 Yorks, Garsdale

Garsdale Hall
Harper James Head M 45 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Harper Margaret Wife M 34 Yorks, Grisedale
Harper Richard Son S 22 Yorks, Sedbergh
Harper Edward Son S 19 Apprentice joiner Yorks, Sedbergh
Harper Fanny Dau S 15 Yorks, Sedbergh
Harper William Son 13 Yorks, Sedbergh
Harper Rowland Son 2 Yorks, Sedbergh

School House
Winn William Head M 38 General labourer Yorks, Garsdale
Winn Charlotte Wife M 43 Yorks, Garsdale
Winn Richard Son S 17 Yorks, Garsdale
Winn Michael Son 12 Yorks, Garsdale
Winn Thompson Son 9 Yorks, Garsdale
Winn James Son 7mo Yorks, Garsdale

Atton David Thomas Head S 56 Clergyman (C of E) Warwickshire, Stockingford
Smith Mary Ellen Serv S 41 Housekeeper domestic Lancs, Manchester

1 Smorthwaite Hill
Cawthra Lewis Head M 42 Schoolmaster Yorks, Saltaire
Cawthra Mary Wife M 33 Yorks, Birstall
Cawthra Marie Dau 5 Yorks, Birstall
Cawthra Christina Dau 3 Cumberland, Grange
Cawthra Charles A. Son 1 Cumberland, Grange
Brown Annie Serv S 14 Servant girl domestic Yorks, Heckmondwithe

2 Smorthwaite Hill
Handley Ellen Head W 73 Yorks, Coverdale
Thwaite Eleanor Grand Dau S 20 Westmoreland, Kirkby Stephen
Thwaite Elizabeth Visitor S 25

Blades John Head M 56 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Blades Margaret Ann Wife M 43 Yorks, Garsdale
Blades John Son 12 Yorks, Garsdale
Blades Thomas Son 10 Yorks, Garsdale
Blades Elizabeth Ann Dau 6 Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Mary Agnes Step Dau S 20 Yorks, Garsdale

Blades Cottage
Pratt Robert Head M 75 Living on own means Yorks, Hawes
Pratt Betty Wife M 72 Yorks, Garsdale

Low Smithy
Holmes Anthony Head S 69 General labourer Yorks, Hawes
Holmes William Visitor M 62 General labourer Yorks, Hawes

Low House
Inman Richard Head M 49 Yeoman farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Inman Martha Wife M 49 Yorks, Garsdale
Inman Hannah Martha Dau S 27 Yorks, Garsdale
Inman Elizabeth Dau S 20 Yorks, Garsdale
Inman Thomas William Son S 17 Yorks, Garsdale
Inman Ernest Charles Son S 14 Yorks, Garsdale
Inman Francis James Son 11 Yorks, Garsdale
Inman Emily Agnes Dau 5 Yorks, Garsdale
Clark Benjamin Serv S 40 Ag. Lab. Yorks, Garsdale

Haygarth William Head M 62 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Haygarth Margaret Wife M 52 Yorks, Garsdale
Haygarth Mary Dau S 31 Yorks, Sedbergh
Haygarth William Son S 25 Yorks, Sedbergh
Haygarth Duke Son S 22 Yorks, Sedbergh
Haygarth Thomas Son S 13 Yorks, Sedbergh
Haygarth James Son 11 Yorks, Sedbergh
Haygarth Richard Son S 28 Railway goods checker Yorks, Sedbergh

Hill Cottage
Harper Betty Head W 52 Living on own means Yorks, Garsdale
Harper Margaret Dau S 20 Yorks, Garsdale
Harper Isabella Dau S 16 Yorks, Garsdale

East Rackenthwaite
Akrigg Thomas Head M 35 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Akrigg Fanny Wife M 34 Yorks, Garsdale
Akrigg Laura Dau 1 Yorks, Garsdale

West Rackenthwaite
Law Henry Head M 54 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Law Elizabeth Wife M 57 Yorks, Hawes
Raw Henry Dawson Nephew 10 Yorks, Garsdale

Handley Rowland Head S 61 General lab. Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Mary Sister S 72 Yorks, Garsdale

Mason Thomas Edward Head S 41 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Mason Martha Mother W 72 Housekeeper domestic Yorks, Garsdale

Mason Edward Head M 30 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Mason Annie Wife M 25 Yorks, Garsdale
Mason William Son 2 Yorks, Garsdale
Mason George Edward Son 5mo Yorks, Garsdale
Mason George Uncle S 72 Living on own means Yorks, Garsdale

1 Badgerdub
Richardson Amos J. Head M 52 General lab. Yorks, Dent
Richardson Sarah H. Wife 46 Westmoreland, Kendal

2 Badgerdub
Harper Peter Head M 74 Ret Ag. Lab. and Yorks, Garsdale
local preacher
Harper Elizabeth Wife M 71 Yorks, Garsdale

Pike Hill
Inman Hannah Head S 82 Retired confectioner Yorks, Garsdale

Thompson John Head M 66 Farmer Westmoreland, Kirkby Stephen
Thompson Nancy Wife M 57 Westmoreland, Ravenstonedale
Thompson Mary Dau S 19 Yorks, Garsdale
Thompson William Serv S 15 Ag. Lab Yorks, Garsdale

Gate House
Holmes Ellen Head W 85 Living on own means Yorks, Garsdale
Holmes Isabella Dau S 58 Yorks, Garsdale

Thompson Samuel Head S 66 Farmer Westmoreland, Ravenstonedale

Bella End
Bowness Peter Head M 61 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Bowness Rose Wife M 45 Yorks, Ingleton
Harper Mary Sister W 71 Living on own means Westmoreland, Firbank

Handley Thomas Head M 47 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Bella Wife M 44 Yorks, Garsdale
Handley John Son 14 Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Rowland Son 13 Yorks, Garsdale
Law Leonard Boarder S 47 General lab. Yorks, Garsdale

Lindsay Fold
Cameron Nancy Wife M 45 Yorks, Garsdale
Archibald Agnes Niece S 16 Scotland

East Hind Keld
Akrigg Michael Head M 76 Farmer Yorks, Grisedale
Akrigg Izzat Wife M 76 Yorks, Grisedale
Akrigg William Son S 38 Yorks, Ingleton
Goth William Serv S 17 Ag. Lab Yorks, Sedbergh
Lund Elizabeth Serv S 17 General servant domestic Yorks, Grisedale

Fold Gill
Holmes Edward Head M 63 Farmer and Stonemason Yorks, Garsdale
Holmes Margaret Wife M 60 Yorks, Garsdale

Stephen Wives
Wearing Thomas Head M 52 Farmer Yorks, Sedbergh
Wearing Martha Wife M 58 Yorks, Sedbergh
Wearing James Son S 23 Yorks, Sedbergh
Wearing Betsy Dau S 21 Yorks, Sedbergh
Wearing Agnes Dau S 18 Yorks, Sedbergh

Hole House
Dinsdale James Head M 30 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Dinsdale Izaet Wife M 27 Yorks, Garsdale
Dinsdale John W. Son 5mo Yorks, Garsdale
Wearing John W. Uncle S 56 Farmer Westmoreland, Mallerstang
Wearing James Grandfather Widr 88 Living on own means Yorks, Garsdale

Tod Hole
Nelson William Head M 45 Farmer Yorks, Bentham
Nelson Hannah Wife M 41 Yorks, Hawes
Nelson George Son S 15 Yorks, Westhouse
Nelson Margaret Emily Dau 12 Yorks, Westhouse
Nelson John Son 8 Yorks, Westhouse
Butterfield Fanny Serv S 16 Servant domestic America

Pot Gill Holme
Hebblethwaite William Head M 50 Farmer Westmoreland
Hebblethwaite Jane Wife M 44 Westmoreland, Chapledale
Hebblethwaite William Son 13 Westmoreland, Chapledale
Hebblethwaite John Son 11 Westmoreland, Chapledale
Hebblethwaite Florance Dau 9 Westmoreland, Chapledale
Hebblethwaite Clara Dau 7 Westmoreland, Chapledale
Hebblethwaite Mabel Dau 5 Westmoreland, Chapledale
Hebblethwaite Robert Son 1 Yorks, Garsdale
Cooper Jane Aunt W 67 Living on own means Westmoreland, Chapledale

Nether House
Metcalfe Christopher Head M 57 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Metcalfe Jane Wife M 58 Yorks, Garsdale
Metcalfe Jane Dau S 21 Yorks, Garsdale
Metcalfe Edith Dau S 15 Yorks, Garsdale
Metcalfe Ethel May Dau 12 Yorks, Garsdale

2 Whitbeck
Handley William Head M 49 Living on own means Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Agnes Wife M 57 Yorks, Garsdale

Robinson James Head M 37 Farmer Westmoreland, Dillicar
Robinson Sarah Wife M 37 Yorks, Cautley
Robinson Ellen Dau 7 Yorks, Firbank
Robinson Thomas Son 5 Yorks, Garsdale
Staveley Fanny Visitor M 27 Yorks, Cautley

Kilnhaw Cottage
Fallowfield Nanny Head W 69 Living on own means Yorks, Garsdale
Handley Thomas Brother Widr 75 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale

West Mostards
Metcalfe John Head M 67 Farmer and local preacher Yorks, Hawes
Metcalfe Elizabeth Wife M 68 Yorks, Garsdale

1 Longholme
Raw Joseph Head M 52 Farmer Yorks, Hawes
Raw Betsy Wife M 46 Yorks, Garsdale

2 Longholme
Handley Betsy Head W 78 Living on own means Westmoreland, Mallerstang

West Bridge End
Beckett Peter Head M 36 Carter from Flag Quarry Westmoreland, Nulnthrope
Beckett Isabella Wife M 33 Yorks, Garsdale
Beckett Sarah Annie Dau 4 Yorks, Sedbergh
Beckett Miles Henry Son 2 Yorks, Sedbergh
Beckett Joseph Raw Son 6mo Yorks, Garsdale

East Bridge End
Raw William Head M 50 Farmer Yorks, Hawes
Raw Ann Wife M 44 Yorks, Garsdale
Raw Joseph Son S 23 Lancs, Liverpool
Raw Betsy Handley Dau S 19 Yorks, Garsdale
Raw John Handley Son 11 Yorks, Garsdale

Ashton Clement Head M 31 Farmer Yorks, Askrigg
Ashton Sarah Wife M 29 Westmoreland, Milburn
Ashton John E. Son 9 Yorks, Garsdale
Ashton George Son 3 Yorks, Hawes

Harrison Thomas A Head. Widr 45 Farmer Yorks, Garsdale
Harrison Ellen Dau S 22 Yorks, Garsdale
Harrison William Son S 17 Yorks, Garsdale
Barns Elizabeth Serv S 44 Housekeeper Cheshire

West Gill
Dawson John T. Head M 27 Shepherd and Flag Yorks, Sedbergh
Dawson Elizabeth Wife M 32 Yorks, Grisedale
Dawson John W. Son 7 Yorks, Grisedale
Dawson Margaret J. Dau 4 Yorks, Grisedale
Watson James Boarder S 19 Flag quarryman Yorks, Grisedale

Far House
Allison John Head M 51 Farmer and Flag Yorks, Garsdale
Allison Agnes Wife M 49 Yorks, Garsdale
Allison Mary M. Dau S 16 Yorks, Garsdale