James Lonsdale Broderick

James Lonsdale Broderick was a member of an old farming family from Spring End nr. Gunnerside. He was a land agent and in 1876 travelled to America to visit relatives and friends as well as to investigate the farming conditons. He stayed for 6 months and kept a diary of his visits to the Dubuque area and to Ohio.

The part of his diary of visit to Dubuque has been published as, "The Character of the Country", by the Iowa State Historical Dept.

The section dealing with his visit to Ohio has not to my knowledge, been published. A transcription is available here. Click to download It is in .pdf format.

Emigrant families named include Jackson, Spensley, Bowes, Daykin, Woodward, Hammond, Brunskill.

To help finance the trip, James' father Edward, borrowed £70 from John Broderick.


Broderick is buried on the hill overlooking Spring End.

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